How do I book a car?

Simply go to our online booking system, or call 1800MAGIC1. Fill in all of your details, find the car that suit your needs and what date and time you need to pick and drop off. It is all done!

How do I know that my booking is confirmed?

Once your online booking is successful an email will be sent to your nominated email address. Please check the details in the email to ensure all of the details are correct. If they aren’t, please give us a call.

What does my insurance cover during the time that I am renting the car?

On arrival an insurance form is signed, please read this form carefully as it highlights what you are covered for with the rental insurance. If you have any questions at the time of pick up please ask our friendly staff, or refer to our terms and conditions.

Do I check for any damage as I am dropping the car back to the depot?

We encourage you to assess your rental car with our staff to agree on any damage, if any on return of the rental car.

Can I get a quote without making a reservation?

Yes, you can process a reservation and come back to it later. Our system will remember your details so all you have to confirm your booking through us.

What types of licenses do I need to rent a car from you?

Any full Australian license, that is non-probationary or non- provisional. If you are visiting from overseas an international drivers license is preferred. If you have a non-English speaking license, please speak to our friendly staff for further information.

What is the minimum amount of time I can rent a car?

Our minimum amount of time that we allow to rent a car is 24 hours.

Can I increase my rental car dates?

It is possible if you notify us on arrival to pick up your rental car, or please call us as soon as you can, as it will be dependent on availability.

What payment options do you have?

We prefer all major credit cards as we can then cover any extra payments, from toll way expenses to extra fuel, baby seats or fines of any sort.

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